Designed to Increase Customer Uptime

Beat Alert Fatigue

Relevant data delivered on demand helps your team cut through the noise to actionable notifications.

Endpoint to Cloud Monitoring

Manage every level of your customers’ networks with ease, from on-site hardware to cloud solutions.

Eyes on the Ground

Our proprietary hardware solution monitors conditions on-site to identify bottlenecks and issues before disruptions occur.

Value Added for Clients

With Provoptix’s client dashboard, customers can see their network health in real time. Our customers love Provoptix—we think yours will, too.

24/7/365 Monitoring and Management for IT Companies

Tired of constant meaningless alerts from monitoring softwares? Tired of RMMs that promise single-pane solutions and don’t deliver? Provoptix is the IT monitoring solution that offers secure 24/7 monitoring that does the legwork for your team. Clear, concise dashboards and on-demand graphing from a bird’s eye-view down to any single endpoint give you a clear window into every network you monitor.

Proactive monitoring dashboard for all customer alerts
Specialized solutions, add-ons and apps for common products
Drive storage and health monitoring for all endpoints
Alert monitoring for on-call and after-hours emergencies

Provoptix Dashboards Simplify IT Management

Get metrics and data immediately for each customer with Provoptix Dashboards. Monitor drive usage, bandwidth usage, printers, and more by navigating the dashboard. Customers can be granted access to their data and dashboard if you choose.

Secure IT Monitoring and RMM Features


Built for Security

With Provoptix, no inbound firewall ports are left exposed to the internet, and all data is sent directly to the centralized Provoptix server with no possible connections from the server to endpoints or monitoring proxies. Provoptix offers greater security than other cloud-based monitoring software.

Built for Integrations

Provoptix integrates with popular IT solutions and products to work for your IT consulting company. Our team is constantly adding new integrative features for seamless management, monitoring, and maintenance.

Built for Growth

With Provoptix, onboarding customers is easier and faster. Our team designed Provoptix to accommodate fast-growing MSPs with features that grow with you. Provoptix works just as well for large IT companies as it does for small operations and scales with your business.

Built for MSPs

By an MSP, for MSPs, Provoptix is the only IT monitoring solution that addresses the needs of modern MSPs. If your old monitoring solution isn’t cutting it, try Provoptix risk-free for 30 days and see your customer satisfaction improve.

Unlock Early Access to Provoptix

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